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About Cosmos Professional Academy

Cosmos Professional Academy, introduced by a very passionate and dedicated personality Ms. Nikita Arora, has a rock solid foundation, and an enviable legacy with regard to its adept management and a strongly knit education network.
Banking on the strength of this rich experience while being infused with freshness and a new zing, Cosmos Professional Academy has introduced comprehensive interactive methodologies and audio-visual mediums of English learning and coaching’s for all classes starting from first till twelfth. The state-of-the-art approach is incorporated to make English learning and school subjects effortless, fun and experiential.
The utility and practical aspects of our training programs have made Cosmos one of the education industry’s best known brands. A positive feedback through satisfied customers attracting people from all spheres of life has made us a name to trust in the industry.
Full of potential, enthusiasm and promise, Cosmos Professional Academy confidently offers an inimitable experience in education and training.

Nikita Arora – Director of Cosmos Professional Academy

Nikita Arora – Director of Cosmos Professional Academy

About Director of Cosmos Professional Academy ( Miss. Nikita Arora )

An extremely dedicated individual, she has a varied and an all encompassing training experience of over 5 years at Mumbai and finally in Delhi where her passion became her profession resulting in the formation of Cosmos Professional Academy .
Because of her passion for the language and the dream to make the young generation more confident and impressive, she imparts her valuable knowledge and experience to them at every step of the training. Her uniquely designed personality development modules are a huge success with corporate as well as individual clients.

She has successfully made proficient all the Cosmos Professional Academy trainers who have been working under her personal supervision at various Cosmos Professional Academy locations and corporate trainings. She is the brain behind the immaculately prepared CPA modules, which have catered to and are catering to a plethora of individual candidates and corporates having varied goals.